2018 Archives for State Government

  • sports betting graphic
    Gaming Plan
    After a Supreme Court decision paves the way, the Tennessee Legislature looks at legalizing sports gambling. The choice may come down to local voters.
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  • Tennessee State Capitol Building
    Voucher Battle Looms
    A resolution on tonight's Knox County school board agenda is an opening salvo in a fight headed for the state Legislature.
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  • Nashville Propels Population Growth
    Census data compiled by the University of Tennessee pinpoints growing and shrinking population centers across the state.
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  • Knox County voting precincts
    Mapping the Votes
    Where did Marsha Blackburn fare best? Who tipped the balance for Martin Daniel? A quick sift through the Knox County precinct results of Tuesday’s election.
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  • GOP election party
    Knox County’s Red Wall
    Local Republicans had a lot to be happy about Tuesday night, while Democrats look to take momentum into 2020.
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  • Gloria Johnson
    Johnson Easily Wins Rematch
    The former legislator beats GOP incumbent on her third try, resulting in Democrats’ sole gain in Knox County.
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  • Tim Burchett
    The Carhartt Congressman
    Tim Burchett scores an easy win in the 2nd District congressional race by sticking with what has worked.
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  • Election Day Arrives
    Heavy early voting in Knox County and across Tennessee makes election predictions a precarious proposition.
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  • campaign finance graphic
    Raising the Stakes
    Diving into the campaign finance reports: a million-dollar congressional race, a scrappy showing by overmatched Democrats, and the weird world of PACs.
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  • Early Voting Begins
    Surge in registrations could lead to strong turnout during election.
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  • Illustration Eddie Smith Gloria Johnson
    Blue Money
    In Knox County’s tightest race, Democratic challenger Gloria Johnson has outraised Republican Rep. Eddie Smith.
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  • blackburn bredesen debate
    A Tale of Two Bredesens
    The final Senate debate revolves around whether the former governor is partisan or pragmatic.
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  • blackburn bredesen
    Debate Day Is Here
    Bredesen and Blackburn square off at UT’s Baker Center (with Taylor Swift riding shotgun)
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  • Karl Dean appearing at ACT-ET forum 10/7/18
    An alliance of East Tennessee social activists debuts with a candidate forum featuring a roster of Democrats. (Republicans were invited.)
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  • Charles Johnson of Pastors for Children.
    Preaching for Public Education
    A Texas pastor aims to help stop school voucher proposals in Tennessee.
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  • Knox County Legislative map
    Blue Push in a Red County
    Knox County's legislative delegation will almost certainly remain largely Republican, but Democrats are contending for every seat this year. Here’s a look at both parties’ slates.
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  • Tim Burchett and Renee Hoyos
    Fighting for First in the 2nd
    Renee Hoyos and Tim Burchett square off for a congressional seat that Republicans have held for 151 years.
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  • Gloria Johnson and Eddie Smith
    Third Round
    Republican incumbent Eddie Smith and Democratic challenger Gloria Johnson have tangled twice before. Will this time end differently?
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  • District maps illustration
    On the Run
    From Marsha and Phil to the stay-at-home dad vs. the stay-at-home mom, an overview of the federal and state election campaigns winding their way through Knox County.
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  • vote_sign
    The Trouble With Turnout
    Tennessee has one of the lowest voting rates in the country. Why? And what will make it better?
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  • Power Poll
    Q’s for the Who’s Whos
    The Tennessee Power Poll aims to chart elite opinion in the state’s big four cities. What’s it worth, and to whom?
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  • Downtown Knoxville
    Knox 2018: Federal, state elections loom
    Tennesseans get to elect only three offices statewide -- governor and the state’s two U.S. Senate slots. This year, two of the three are up for grabs with no incumbent in the mix.
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