Knox 2018: Federal, state elections loom

Downtown Knoxville

Knox 2018: State and Federal Elections

A new governor, a new senator -- and for the first time since 1965, a Congressional representative not named Duncan

by scott barker and jesse fox mayshark • September 4, 2018

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Tennesseans get to elect only three offices statewide -- governor and the state’s two U.S. Senate slots. This year, two of the three are up for grabs with no incumbent in the mix. Twice-elected Gov. Bill Haslam is limited to two terms, while U.S. Sen. Bob Corker opted not to run for re-election.
Tennessee voters have tended to prefer moderates of both parties in statewide races.
In recent history, Tennesseans have elected moderates to these positions, regardless of party. Republicans Lamar Alexander, Don Sundquist and Haslam have alternated stints in the governor’s m...

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