The Trouble With Turnout


The Trouble With Turnout

Tennessee has one of the lowest voting rates in the country. Why?And what will make it better?

by scott barker • september 27, 2018

Nearly 250,000 people are registered to vote in Knox County, but only 79,722 voters cast ballots in the August primary for governor. According to a poll conducted by the nonpartisan think tank ThinkTennessee, only 47 percent of registered voters statewide are absolutely certain they will vote in the midterm election in November. Measured against other states, Tennessee ranks 49th in voter turnout.
Link: Full schedule of "Deomcracy and the Informed Citizen" symposium.
Tennessee’s lackluster voting record has prompted ThinkTennessee and Humanities Tennessee to host a series of forums across the state to find out why people don’t vote and what can be done to get them to go to the po...

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