Q’s for the Who’s Whos

Power Poll

Q's for the Who's Whos

The Tennessee Power Poll aims to chart elite opinion in the state’s big four cities.What’s it worth, and to whom?

by jesse fox mayshark • september 25, 2018

If you are one of 406 of Knoxville’s “most influential citizens,” you received an email Monday morning inviting you to participate in the first iteration of the Tennessee Power Poll. It asked two questions: Who are you voting for in the state’s gubernatorial race this November? And who do you think will win that race?
Can a survey of insiders give an accurate read of Tennessee politics?
It also raised some questions -- like, what is the Tennessee Power Poll? And who else is on this list?
For the answer to the second question, you can visit the website at powerpoll.com and peruse rosters of local decision-makers and powerbrokers in Knoxvil...

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