Mapping the Votes

Knox County voting precincts

Mapping the Votes

Where did Marsha Blackburn fare best? Who tipped the balance for Martin Daniel? A quick sift through the Knox County precinct results of Tuesday’s election.

by scott barker and jesse fox mayshark • november 8, 2018

Nothing illuminates the diversity of Knox County like looking at precinct by precinct election results.
Bright red swaths, deep blue pockets, and some emerging purple zones.
It’s one thing to know that rural and suburban areas tend to vote more Republican than urban neighborhoods. It’s another to compare the far North Knox 57th precinct, up on the Anderson County line, where Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee received 81 percent of the vote, to the East Knoxville 15th precinct, home to Parkridge, where Lee tallied just 15 percent.
Post-election precinct analysis is a favorite sport of political operat...

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