Preaching for Public Education

Charles Johnson of Pastors for Children.

Preaching for Public Education

A Texas pastor aims to help stop school voucher proposals in Tennessee.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 5, 2018

The rev. charles foster johnson speaking at the church of the savior on wesdnesday.

With a silver mane, a deep drawl and a booming voice, Charles Foster Johnson looks and sounds every bit the Texas Baptist preacher he is.
Making a spiritual case for secular education.
But the salvation he came to Knoxville to talk about this week was of a secular and political sort -- protecting public education from what he sees as the “sinful” effects of school vouchers.
“The message is this: God’s gift of education provided by the public for all Tennessee children,” Johnson told about 30 people gathered for lunch Wednesday at the Church of the Savior on North Weisgarber Road. “Not just for a certain ethnic...

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