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  • Housing Moves South
    As County Commission approves a contentious rezoning, a developer’s representative says South Knox County ‘is on the map now.’
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City News

  • Broadband Progess
    By the end of the year, KUB should be offering high-speed internet service to up to 25,000 customers in three areas of Knoxville.
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  • Council OKs Budget, Tax Hike
    Kincannon’s $434.1 million budget proposal and the accompanying 50-cent property tax increase get reserved but solid support.
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  • City Budget Vote Looms
    Council will take up Mayor Indya Kincannon’s proposed $434.1 million budget and accompanying property tax increase on Tuesday.
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  • Capital Steps
    The Planning Commission approves the city’s long-term capital plan, which includes an infusion of state and federal funding for next year.
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  • Opportunity and Access
    The city’s African American Restoration Task Force is gearing up to go after grants to increase investment and wealth among Black residents.
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