Featured Government Story

  • The Surveys Say
    The Health Department asked local businesses and residents their thoughts on reopening the economy. Here’s what they said.
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City News

  • Together Again?
    With Knox County moving into the next phase of its pandemic response, public officials are looking forward to a return to in-person meetings.
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  • Council OKs Budget
    Mayor Indya Kincannon’s spending plan got green-lighted despite questions from one Council member about priorities.
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  • A Coronabudget
    The COVID-19 pandemic touches almost every aspect of the $334.4 million budget Mayor Indya Kincannon has proposed.
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  • State Supreme Court site development
    Preoccupied by Occupancy
    Local hotels suffered terribly in April, but visitors are slowly starting to return to Knoxville as the economy reopens.
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  • Climate Klatch
    The Mayor’s Climate Council met for the first time Tuesday to begin work on steep reductions in Knoxville’s greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change.
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County News

State News

  • absentee ballot request
    Going Postal
    Election officials expect a surge in absentee ballots this year. Should Tennessee make the mail-in option available to everyone?
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  • Priming the Economic Pump
    Gov. Bill Lee announces his phased restart of Tennessee’s economy will begin next week as testing ramps up across the state.
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  • Order Extended
    Gov. Lee maintains his Stay at Home directive but plans to begin a phased revival of the state’s economy beginning May 1.
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  • Stand Down or Stay Apart?
    With COVID-19 cases and unemployment claims both rising, Gov. Bill Lee is mulling whether to ease restrictions.
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  • Future Funding
    Local governments stand to receive nearly $9 million in state grants during the pandemic, though the money won’t be available until the summer.
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