Featured Government Story

  • Map showing location of property on Maryville Pike
    Zoning Jiu-Jitsu
    A martial arts school leverages support from its patrons and community to win support from Knox County Commission.
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City News

  • Solar Array, Public Works Service Center
    Green to Go Green
    The federal Inflation Reduction Act could help the city reach its emissions goals faster and offers incentives for businesses and individuals.
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  • Sidewalk Map
    Pedestrian Planning
    The city has adopted a long-term plan to guide the expansion of the sidewalk network for years to come.
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  • Cradle of Country Music Park
    Cradle Park Compromise
    Tweaks to a sculpture installation plan would save four of five trees previously targeted for removal from Cradle of Country Music Park.
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  • Professional Office Building
    Emergency Repairs
    The city is spending up to $5 million to fix a newly discovered safety hazard at one of the buildings being refurbished for the Public Safety Complex.
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  • Gary Loe
    Triple Play Completed
    A contentious City Council joins County Commission and the Sports Authority in approving a new stadium financing plan.
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County News

State News

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