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  • Abortion rights rally
    Voices Raised
    A rally at the federal courthouse seeks to energize abortion rights supporters for battles in Tennessee and beyond.
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  • Calculating ORNL’s Future
    Energy Secretary Rick Perry announces plans for a cutting-edge supercomputer and a new research facility for Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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  • House Speaker Glen Casada
    Legislative Report 2019
    Knox County legislators were in the thick of the most tumultuous session in years. From school vouchers to sports betting, here’s a look at what passed and what didn’t.
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  • Flips and Flaps
    After arm-twisting and deal-making, Gov. Bill Lee’s school voucher bill squeaks through the House and a key Senate committee.
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  • Teachers protest vouchers
    Decision Time
    As the school voucher bill nears crucial votes tomorrow, Knoxville Republicans in the House and Senate are on opposite sides.
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