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  • Sticker Shock
    The price for the city’s new public safety center has leaped 40 percent because of the pandemic, but federal relief funding might help foot the bill.
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  • ‘A Week of Anguish’
    Demonstrators are arrested as protests of Anthony Thompson Jr.’s death intensify and calls for releasing police videos of the shooting grow louder.
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  • Mayors Announce Sports Authority Nominees
    Kincannon and Jacobs recommend a diverse group of seven candidates to oversee the proposed baseball stadium project.
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  • Safety and Succor
    The day after a fatal shootout at Austin-East, school officials and city residents confront questions of physical security and spiritual anguish.
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  • Student Killed in Gunfight at A-E
    One Knoxville police officer was wounded in the confrontation at a school that has experienced a spike in deaths from gunfire this year.
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