Featured Government Story

  • Surge Protectors
    Lee discusses hospital capacity, personal protective equipment and ventilator distribution during a visit to Knoxville as more COVID-19 cases are detected.
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City News

  • A Shelter From the Storm
    The Guest House will provide a place where COVID-19 patients who are homeless can go into quarantine.
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  • An Order With Teeth
    Kincannon backs Safer at Home with enforcement powers in the latest in a series of escalating and sometimes conflicting measures at all levels of government.
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  • Discipline From the Top Down
    From the chief to a patrol officer, KPD’s internal probe of a sexually explicit demonstration at a roll call uncovers police policy violations.
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  • Digital Democracy
    City Council zoomed into a new era Tuesday by holding its first remote meeting as a measure against spreading the novel coronavirus.
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  • Last Call
    Responding to the COVID-19 threat, the city is closing all bars and restaurants, while the county is closing bars and placing limits on restaurant capacity.
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County News

State News

  • Lee: Stay Home, Tennessee
    Citing data showing voluntary measures aren’t working, the governor mandates restrictions on social and business activity to battle COVID-19.
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  • Senate Education Committee on March 16, 2020
    Capitol Exodus
    As the state Legislature barrelled toward a budget vote and recess last week, local lawmakers saw things to applaud and lament.
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  • Restaurant Restrictions
    Lee orders all restaurants and bars in Tennessee to close or offer only carryout or delivery service, and limits public gatherings to a maximum of 10 people.
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  • More Mitigating Measures
    As Tennessee healthcare professionals prepare for a tsunami of COVID-19 patients, they ask Lee for greater public restrictions.
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  • A Fledgling Urban/Suburban Coalition
    Legislators from districts in and around Tennessee’s major cities discuss ways to promote the interests of metropolitan areas.
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