Featured Education Story

  • Ronni Chandler addresses the school board
    Planting Seeds
    20 years on, Project GRAD continues to look for new ways to open opportunities to Knox County’s most challenged students.
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K-12 News

Colleges and University News

  • Martin Methodist UT
    UT Cleared to Pursue Martin Methodist
    The Board of Trustees gives its blessings to a proposed takeover of the Middle Tennessee college, pending legislative approval.
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  • Top of the Hill at UT.
    Apart Together
    University officials say that even with physical distancing and virtual classes, students want to be on campus as much as possible.
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  • Enkeshi el-Amin
    Place Maker
    While pursuing her doctorate at UT, Enkeshi el-Amin fell in love with Knoxville’s Black culture and history. Now she’s staying to help nurture it.
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  • United Campus Workers
    Clean-Up Concerns
    Clean-Up Concerns University of Tennessee custodians ask for higher wages and hazard pay for sanitizing COVID-infected dorm areas. by jesse fox mayshark • november 2, 2020 student …
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  • The UT Torchbearer
    Review Blues
    A lot of work, not much benefit? Doubts persist about UT’s new post-tenure review system for judging faculty performance.
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