Featured Education Story

  • Hallway Monitors
    The Knox County school board approves a new agreement on officers in the schools, and sends a message about restraint.
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K-12 News

  • Studies Weekly
    A Textbook Case
    With $4.2 million in surplus revenues, the Knox County school board checks one last item off its budget wish list.
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  • Knox County schools
    Schoolhouse Cops
    As the school board considers an amended agreement for law enforcement on campus, some raise concerns.
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  • Caroline Rowcliffe addresses the school board
    Facts of Life?
    The Knox County school board gets an earful about perceived biases and inadequacies in its abstinence-only sex education curriculum.
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  • David Hayes addressing the Knox County school board
    Motion to Reconsider
    The Knox County school board sends proposed public forum restrictions back for more discussion.
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  • Forum Decorum
    The Knox County school board considers new restrictions on public speakers at its meetings.
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Colleges and University News

  • UT Chancellor Donde Plowman
    Taking the Reins
    Newly arrived UT Knoxville Chancellor Donde Plowman finds a warm welcome and a long to-do list.
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  • The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Tweet Trackers
    UT researchers find a strong correlation between Russian disinformation and movement in the 2016 presidential polls.
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  • John Compton and Randy Boyd
    Under Transition
    Merging campuses and creating a new Oak Ridge Institute, the UT Board of Trustees ratifies big moves by Interim President Randy Boyd.
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  • Phillip Fulmer addresses the Special Committee on UT Sports
    On the Comeback Trail
    17 months in, UT Athletic Director Phillip Fulmer says the Vols' sports programs are working their way back to the top.
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  • Sheriff Tom Spangler
    For the Records
    A UT professor’s open records lawsuit against the Knox County Sheriff’s Office raises questions about access to public officials’ emails.
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