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  • Randy Boyd and John Compton
    A Growing Challenge
    The University of Tennessee wants to add 8,000 students in the next four years, despite difficult demographic trends.
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  • Kari Alldredge, UT
    Testing Testing
    During COVID, the University of Tennessee has suspended requiring ACT or SAT scores for admission. The Board of Trustees is weighing whether to make it permanent.
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  • NASA image of ships off the Port of Los Angeles
    Chain Reactions
    From stranded cargo ships to empty grocery shelves, suddenly everyone cares about supply logistics. We talk to a UT expert to understand what’s going on.
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    Tentative Gains
    Labor and faculty groups at the University of Tennessee say Chancellor Donde Plowman committed to some of their agenda. UT will not confirm it.
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  • The UT Torchbearer
    As Campus COVID Cases Rise, UT Expands Mask Requirement
    Faculty and staff leaders urge administrators to do more to protect them and students.
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