Featured Education Story

  • COVID cases graph
    The Mask Effect
    Since the start of the school year, Knox County has reported far more COVID-19 cases per capita than Tennessee’s other three large counties.
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K-12 News

  • Parents at pro-mask rally Sept. 1
    Schools Closed to Prepare for Mask Mandate
    A federal judge’s Friday order leaves administrators scrambling as some parents promise mass noncompliance.
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  • School board members at retreat
    Search Party
    To find its next superintendent, the Knox County school board prepares for a national effort — probably with some outside help.
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  • Superintendent Bob Thomas
    Thomas’ Retirement Sets Up Superintendent Search
    As the veteran educator prepares to step down, the school board will have to decide how — and when — to look for his successor.
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  • Graph from KCS PASS
    Data Process
    With juvenile COVID-19 cases still rising, Knox County Schools’ dashboard struggles to keep pace.
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  • Richie Beeler and Kristi Kristy
    Taking the Gavel
    Richie Beeler and Kristi Kristy are the new chairs of County Commission and the Board of Education. From COVID to contracts to county planning, they have busy years ahead.
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Colleges and University News

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