Featured Education Story

  • Lonsdale Elementary School
    Land Swap
    In Lonsdale, the school board and city are exchanging a park for a school and a school for a park.
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K-12 News

  • TVA and A.J.
    The Politics of Moving
    As estimated numbers change, some school board members raise questions about the TVA East Tower deal.
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  • School board lobbyists
    Altered Landscape
    The Knox County school board’s lobbyists say the change in leadership in the state House of Representatives means less support for vouchers.
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  • Bob Thomas at County Commission
    Tensions Arise Over TVA Tower Deal
    Knox County Schools Superintendent Bob Thomas objects to plan to move Central Office, questions county’s numbers.
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  • Superintendent Bob Thomas in space
    Keeping It Close to Home
    The Knox County Schools coupon book onslaught returns, and this year more of the money raised will stay at the school where a book is sold.
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  • Adrian Burnett Elementary School
    Laying the Groundwork
    As Knox County prepares to build three new elementary schools, each presents a different challenge.
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Colleges and University News

  • The UT Torchbearer
    Lab Work
    University of Tennessee research spending rose to $435.2 million statewide last year, but the flagship Knoxville campus remains far from its top 25 goal.
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  • UT Trustees
    Assessing the Profs
    The UT Board of Trustees revisits an old question: how to measure faculty work and effectiveness. It turns out it’s not easy.
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  • UT beer kiosks at Neyland Stadium
    It’s Here, It’s Beer, Get Used to It
    Not corn in a jar, but wheat in a can is coming to Rocky Top at this Saturday’s UT football game.
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  • Soldiers with flu, 1918
    Anticipating Catastrophe
    A UT researcher finds that many nurses say they are unprepared for long-term disasters, and nursing colleges aren’t emphasizing it.
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  • UT Chancellor Donde Plowman
    Taking the Reins
    Newly arrived UT Knoxville Chancellor Donde Plowman finds a warm welcome and a long to-do list.
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