Featured Education Story

  • The UT Torchbearer
    Small Step
    UT’s proposed budget keeps tuition increases low. But a decade of hikes has still left it one of the priciest state schools in the Southeast.
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K-12 News

  • David Hayes addressing the Knox County school board
    Motion to Reconsider
    The Knox County school board sends proposed public forum restrictions back for more discussion.
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  • Forum Decorum
    The Knox County school board considers new restrictions on public speakers at its meetings.
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  • School board 4-24-19
    Friendly Reception
    The Knox County school board enthusiastically approves a $506.6 million proposed budget and a capital plan with three new elementary schools.
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  • Flips and Flaps
    After arm-twisting and deal-making, Gov. Bill Lee’s school voucher bill squeaks through the House and a key Senate committee.
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  • Superintendent Bob Thomas
    Within the Lines
    Knox County Schools proposes a budget that boosts teacher pay and stays inside existing revenue projections.
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Colleges and University News

  • Donde Plowman
    UT Picks Plowman
    The next chancellor of UT Knoxville has experience navigating public university complexities, here and elsewhere.
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  • Donde Plowman
    Game of Chancellors
    Four candidates to lead the University of Tennessee’s flagship campus presented different styles in forums this week, but some shared themes.
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  • Knoxville chancellor finalists
    Final Four
    UT announces a quartet of candidates from different backgrounds for chancellor of the flagship Knoxville campus.
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  • Brian Griffin
    An Imperfect Account
    Eleven years after the murders at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, Knoxville writer Brian Griffin sorts through the trauma.
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  • Wildflowers
    Wildflower Witness
    A University of Tennessee scientist uses Henry David Thoreau’s 19th century observations to chart the effects of climate change.
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