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K-12 News

  • Classroom chairs
    ‘The Options Are Terrible’
    Whether they decided to keep their children home or send them back to school, Knox County parents are unhappy with the choices presented.
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  • School internet needs
    Bringing the Internet Home
    Ahead of schools reopening, an emergency plan aims to provide broadband access to families who need it.
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  • knox county school board
    School Board Adopts Reopening Plan
    The new school year will bring mandatory masks, an online option and a week’s delay to allow staff time to prepare.
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  • Balancing Risk
    The school system’s plan for reopening in the fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t finalized, but there will be a remote learning option.
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  • school board task force
    Multiple Choices
    As Knox County Schools sorts out options for reopening this fall, a community task force says parents need to hear more clarity.
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Colleges and University News

  • UT Board of Trustees
    Justice and Dollars
    University of Tennessee leadership pledges action on racial equity while approving a pandemic-strapped budget.
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  • UT pedestrian walkway
    COVID-Ready Campus
    Masks, shields, isolation areas and online instruction: The University of Tennessee prepares for the fall.
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  • UT tuition chart
    In UT’s Budget, Some Hopes and Guesses
    A $1.235 billion plan for the Knoxville campus assumes full enrollment, occupied dormitories and an active football schedule.
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  • Uriah Richey
    Bittersweet Commencement
    Uriah Richey is graduating from the University of Tennessee without a chance to say goodbye — but with the support of a strong community.
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  • mcclung museum
    Behind Closed Doors
    From preservation to education to online curation, Knoxville’s museums continue their missions even while sealed off from the world.
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