Voucher Battle Looms

Tennessee State Capitol Building

Voucher Battle Looms

A resolution on tonight's Knox County school board agenda is an opening salvo in a fight headed for the state Legislature.

by jesse fox mayshark • december 12, 2018

the tennessee state capitol building.

When the Knox County Board of Education votes on -- and, probably, passes -- a resolution tonight opposing any form of school voucher program, it will be at least the fourth time the board has taken such an action.
The school choice balance may be shifting with a more enthusiastic governor.
Board member Jennifer Owen, who serves as the board’s legislative liaison, said that similar resolutions were passed in 2011, 2015 and 2017. In each of those years, opponents fought off school voucher proposals in the state Legislature.
But the coming legislative session, which kicks off on Jan. 8, 2019,  may be diff...

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