Recode at the Turn

Planning commissioners are poised to send their recommendation for the overhaul of the city’s zoning ordinance to City Council.

Rogero Expects Busy Final Year

As the end of her second term approaches, Knoxville’s mayor plans to start new projects for her eventual successor to complete.

2018 Revue: Reshaping a City

MPC meeting

Newcomers on City Council, public improvements projects and a new zoning code are signs that major changes are in store for Knoxville.

Recode on Hold for the Holidays

City County Building

The Metropolitan Planning Commission on Thursday postponed the big-picture initiative and focused instead on routine land use issues.

Carriage House Compromise

Possibly resolving one of the sticking points in Recode Knoxville, accessory dwelling units will only be available for owner-occupants.

Decoding Recode

Affordable housing, density, ADU’s: Forum highlights issues arising from the City of Knoxville zoning update.

Orange Is the New Bond

Recode Knoxville map

The effort to create more affordable housing options has created an unlikely alliance between developers and social justice advocates.