Knox County 2020: A Primer (Part 2)

A survey of what’s changed, what hasn’t and what to watch in the local political and economic landscape. Today: the City of Knoxville and the private sector.

Recode Goes the Distance

Recode map

Council passes the comprehensive and sometimes controversial overhaul of Knoxville’s zoning code.

Recode Rewound

Recode map

A procedural hiccup prevented City Council from giving final approval to the revision of Knoxville’s zoning code.

Affluent Influence

Recode map

City Council has created an exception to accessory dwelling units for more prosperous neighborhoods.

Recode Clears First Hurdle

After four hours of revisions, City Council approved the proposed new zoning ordinance on first reading.

Is Recode Ready?

City Council could hold the first of two votes on Knoxville’s new zoning ordinance on Tuesday.

Recode Detour

Photo of the City County Building.

Planning commissioners must sign off on the city’s new zoning ordinance before City Council gives final approval.