More Changes Considered for Recode

Recode Knoxville map

More Changes Considered for Recode Knoxville

MPC will produce another draft of the city's zoning ordinance, including possible changes to accessory dwellings.

by scott barker • november 1, 2018

A consensus is building among members of the City Council and the Metropolitan Planning Commission to impose an owner occupancy requirement on residences that have accessory dwelling units under Knoxville’s proposed new zoning code.
Action on the new zoning code will be delayed until January.
At a joint midday workshop on Wednesday, Council members, planning commissioners and MPC staff also pushed back the timeline another month, allowing time for an unplanned fourth draft before any votes are taken.
Accessory dwelling units -- basement, attic or garage apartments and detached smaller houses sharing a lot with a main residence -- have b...

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