Carriage House Compromise

Carriage House Compromise

Possibly resolving one of the sticking points in Recode Knoxville, accessory dwelling units will only be available for owner-occupants.

by scott barker • November 27, 2018

Panelists Jennifer Roche, Matt Sterling, Amy Midis and Gerald Green discuss Recode Knoxville, the effort to rewrite the city's zoning code, at the East Tennessee History Center on Monday.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission staff will be offering a compromise in the next draft of Knoxville’s new zoning code on one of Recode Knoxville’s most contentious issues.
Refinements to Recode Knoxville come to light at forum.
MPC Executive Director Gerald Green said Monday night his staff will insert an owner-occupancy requirement for residences with accessory dwelling units -- carriage houses, garage apartments, granny flats and the like.
“As of last we...

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