Decoding Recode

Affordable housing, density, ADU’s: Forum highlights issues arising from the City of Knoxville zoning update.

Orange Is the New Bond

Recode Knoxville map

The effort to create more affordable housing options has created an unlikely alliance between developers and social justice advocates.

Recode Hits the Pause Button

MPC staff wants to allow more time for public discussion of the comprehensive overhaul of Knoxville’s zoning code.

The Thorn in MPC’s Side

Developer Scott Davis and site plans of some of his current projects.

Developer Scott Davis thinks Knox County regulations and planning hamper growth and make housing more expensive. And don’t get him started on the city!


A third draft and another round of public meetings for the revamp of the city’s zoning code.

Recode, Round 3

Recode Knoxville map page

MPC prepares to release the latest revisions to the rewrite of the city’s zoning code, with a series of public meetings.