The Thorn in MPC’s Side

Developer Scott Davis and site plans of some of his current projects.

The Thorn in MPC's Side

Developer Scott Davis thinks Knox County regulations and planning hamper growth and make housing more expensive. And don’t get him started on the city!

by jesse fox mayshark • october 24, 2018

developer scott davis with plans for some of his current projects.         

Scott Davis’ office at the intersection Northshore Drive and Ebenezer Road is a lively jumble of maps, subdivision plats and “For Sale” signs bearing the name Eagle Bend Realty. Whiteboards on the wall list more than a dozen projects at different stages of development, from concept to construction. The shelves hold multiple volumes of “Tennessee Public Acts,” compilations of laws passed by the state Legislature.
One contentious proposal: Allowing only county MPC appointees to vote on zoning outside city limits.
In one co...

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