Recode, Round 3

Recode Knoxville map page

Recode, Round 3

MPC prepares to release the latest revisions to the rewrite of the city's zoning code,with a series of public meetings.

by scott barker • october 8, 2018

The city of Knoxville and the Metropolitan Planning Commission are putting the final touches on the third draft of a complete rewrite of the city’s zoning code. The next version from the Recode Knoxville effort is expected to be ready Oct. 15, and a series of public meetings is planned for later in the month.
A (theoretically) final round of revisions before the new zoning code is sent to MPC and City Council.
Recode Knoxville is an effort to rewrite the city’s zoning code, which has not seen a comprehensive overhaul in more than five decades.
Though planners say that residential zones will remain residential and commercial zones will remain commercial, the rules for most...

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