Green to Go Green

Solar Array, Public Works Service Center

The federal Inflation Reduction Act could help the city reach its emissions goals faster and offers incentives for businesses and individuals.

Pedestrian Planning

Sidewalk Map

The city has adopted a long-term plan to guide the expansion of the sidewalk network for years to come.

Emergency Repairs

Professional Office Building

The city is spending up to $5 million to fix a newly discovered safety hazard at one of the buildings being refurbished for the Public Safety Complex.

Flexibility for the New Chief

Reclassifying deputy chiefs would give the new KPD leader the ability to hire his top commanders from outside the department.

Imminent Installation

After a two-year delay due to COVID-19, a sculpture commissioned for Cradle of Country Music Park is approaching its debut.

A Snapshot of Homelessness

On Feb. 23, local service providers and volunteers counted the homeless population. They found the number had soared.

Capital Steps

The Planning Commission approves the city’s long-term capital plan, which includes an infusion of state and federal funding for next year.

Opportunity and Access

The city’s African American Restoration Task Force is gearing up to go after grants to increase investment and wealth among Black residents.