Remaking St. Mary’s

The Rogero administration plans to work with Knox Heritage to preserve the oldest building on the St. Mary’s Hospital campus.

Recode at the Turn

Planning commissioners are poised to send their recommendation for the overhaul of the city’s zoning ordinance to City Council.

2018 Revue: Reshaping a City

MPC meeting

Newcomers on City Council, public improvements projects and a new zoning code are signs that major changes are in store for Knoxville.

Letting the Stray Cats Strut

Backlit cat at sunset

City Council is moving toward changing the way the city manages feral and community cats throughout Knoxville.

Godspeed, Sisters of Mercy

The Catholic order that founded and ran St. Mary’s Hospital for most of its history is leaving the city with the closure of Physicians Regional Medical Center.

The Beast of Cost Burdens

Forum on the need for more affordable housing in Knoxville looks at the challenges residents and developers face.

Growing With Downtown

Market Square ice rink painting

After a quarter century promoting downtown Knoxville, the Central Business Improvement District still looks to the future.

Slow but Steady

After redesign, a Cumberland Avenue traffic study shows fewer cars, fewer accidents, slightly longer travel times and reduced gridlock.

Safe Space Opens

City completes work on a daytime refuge for the unsheltered homeless population on Broadway underneath Interstate 40.

First Step

Streetscape work along North Central.

A comprehensive study aims to change how Knoxville sets priorities for new sidewalk construction.