Mapping Gentrification

Displacement and concentration of poverty map

A new report shows where investment has displaced low-income residents. In Knoxville, it’s not always where you’d think.

Gaps on Gay Street

Gay St 200 block

Surface parking lots along downtown Knoxville’s premier commercial corridor are prime spots for infill development.

Talk It Out

The Planning Commission uses a local subdivision controversy to send a message: Developers should engage neighbors.

Funding Affordable Housing

City Council will consider subsidizing low-income apartments at two Knoxville affordable housing projects.

Bearden Rising

Madewell store in Bearden

With another high-profile boutique opening, West Knoxville’s long-redeveloping district moves closer to an urban rebirth.

Council Dives into Recode

Recode Knoxville map

City Council members discussed possible zoning changes for commercial, office and industrial property during a marathon workshop on Thursday.

Business Adventure Delayed

Tom Boyd puts his quest for a fantasy-inspired resort in South Knox County on hold so he can build community support.

Recode Test Run

Participants in a design charrette to try out the City of Knoxville’s proposed new zoning code didn’t find any glaring flaws.

Godspeed, Sisters of Mercy

The Catholic order that founded and ran St. Mary’s Hospital for most of its history is leaving the city with the closure of Physicians Regional Medical Center.

The Beast of Cost Burdens

Forum on the need for more affordable housing in Knoxville looks at the challenges residents and developers face.