Stats on Shootings

As part of a report on gun violence, KPD told Council last week that shootings are on the rise in Knoxville but a majority of cases get solved.

Ramp Reconstruction Interrupted

The rebuilding of the Gay Street-Jackson Avenue intersection has run into delays, adding to the struggles of area businesses.

Knox County 2020: A Primer (Part 2)

A survey of what’s changed, what hasn’t and what to watch in the local political and economic landscape. Today: the City of Knoxville and the private sector.

Counting Trees

A study aims to create a detailed inventory of the urban forest so local leaders can create a plan to expand the tree canopy.

How the Force Uses Force

Police cruiser with lights on

KPD briefs City Council on how its officers deploy physical response and the oversight in place to keep them from crossing the line.

Cops and Cultural Competence

KPD leaders outline how they train officers to interact with the diverse communities they encounter on the job.