KUB Reforms Proposed

City Council will begin discussions today on a possible charter amendment to change the way the Knoxville Utilities Board is governed.

Parkway Changes Move Forward

City Council has approved measures that will spur the transformation of James White Parkway into a portal to theUrban Wilderness.

Force by the Force

Police cruiser with lights on

Kincannon and Thomas pledge to review KPD’s use-of-force policy to ensure equity during enforcement.

Personnel Matters

Council gives initial approval to strip human resources responsibilities from the Civil Service Department.

Triggering Change

Mayor Indya Kincannon and City Council grapple with the fallout from George Floyd’s death in police custody.

Cracking the Door

knox county detention facility

A jail diversion program for those with mental health and addiction issues receives a three-year extension from the city and county. What does it have to show so far?

Together Again?

With Knox County moving into the next phase of its pandemic response, public officials are looking forward to a return to in-person meetings.

A Coronabudget

The COVID-19 pandemic touches almost every aspect of the $334.4 million budget Mayor Indya Kincannon has proposed.