2019 Archives for Colleges and Universities

  • UT beer kiosks at Neyland Stadium
    It’s Here, It’s Beer, Get Used to It
    Not corn in a jar, but wheat in a can is coming to Rocky Top at this Saturday’s UT football game.
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  • Soldiers with flu, 1918
    Anticipating Catastrophe
    A UT researcher finds that many nurses say they are unprepared for long-term disasters, and nursing colleges aren’t emphasizing it.
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  • UT Chancellor Donde Plowman
    Taking the Reins
    Newly arrived UT Knoxville Chancellor Donde Plowman finds a warm welcome and a long to-do list.
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  • The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Tweet Trackers
    UT researchers find a strong correlation between Russian disinformation and movement in the 2016 presidential polls.
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  • John Compton and Randy Boyd
    Under Transition
    Merging campuses and creating a new Oak Ridge Institute, the UT Board of Trustees ratifies big moves by Interim President Randy Boyd.
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  • Phillip Fulmer addresses the Special Committee on UT Sports
    On the Comeback Trail
    17 months in, UT Athletic Director Phillip Fulmer says the Vols' sports programs are working their way back to the top.
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  • Sheriff Tom Spangler
    For the Records
    A UT professor’s open records lawsuit against the Knox County Sheriff’s Office raises questions about access to public officials’ emails.
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  • UT anthropology students
    Backyard Archaeologists
    UT Knoxville students sift through evidence of ancient civilizations on the banks of the Tennessee River.
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  • The UT Torchbearer
    Small Step
    UT’s proposed budget keeps tuition increases low. But a decade of hikes has still left it one of the priciest state schools in the Southeast.
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  • Eugenia Williams estate
    This Old House
    After looking for a way to restore the historic Eugenia Williams mansion, the University of Tennessee decides its best option is to sell it.
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  • Donde Plowman
    UT Picks Plowman
    The next chancellor of UT Knoxville has experience navigating public university complexities, here and elsewhere.
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  • Donde Plowman
    Game of Chancellors
    Four candidates to lead the University of Tennessee’s flagship campus presented different styles in forums this week, but some shared themes.
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  • Knoxville chancellor finalists
    Final Four
    UT announces a quartet of candidates from different backgrounds for chancellor of the flagship Knoxville campus.
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  • Brian Griffin
    An Imperfect Account
    Eleven years after the murders at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, Knoxville writer Brian Griffin sorts through the trauma.
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  • Wildflowers
    Wildflower Witness
    A University of Tennessee scientist uses Henry David Thoreau’s 19th century observations to chart the effects of climate change.
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  • Big Ears 2018
    Big Ears’ Big Tent
    The festival's eclectic energy is carrying over to its home city, in many different ways. We trace some of them.
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  • Image courtesy of the Knight Commission
    Trust and Transparency
    A national report (with a Tennessee co-chair) charts a decline in civic engagement. It also offers some solutions.
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  • Randy Boyd with UT chancellors at State of the University 3-14-19
    Vol Access
    Boyd announces UT Promise, a privately endowed scholarship to make the state university free for lower-income students.
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  • 'Appalachian Reckoning'
    Appalachian Chorus
    In response to J.D. Vance’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ regional writers stake a claim to political and cultural diversity in the Southern mountains.
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  • John Compton and Randy Boyd
    Taking Control
    The UT Board of Trustees approves a plan to change how student activity fees are distributed, potentially shutting down funding to Sex Week.
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  • Cherokee Farm
    Cherokee Farmer
    After a career building public-private connections, Tom Rogers prepares to take the reins at UT’s research park.
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  • Flooding at Cedar Bluff shopping center
    After the Flood
    With extreme weather events on the rise, a UT professor looks at the social equity of disaster and disruption.
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  • Sex Week volunteers at UTK.
    SEAT Speaks
    Replying to a state report, the University of Tennessee students who organize Sex Week reply say they deserve more respect.
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  • Sex Week home page
    Carnal Knowledge
    In response to a comptroller’s report, the University of Tennessee abolishes a committee that has directed money to the controversial Sex Week.
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  • Arena Audience Concert
    Raise a Glass
    A proposed change in state law would allow alcohol sales at concerts and other non-athletic events in UT Knoxville’s arenas.
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  • Tommy Smith, president of Johnson University
    Faith and the World
    In its 126th year, Johnson University seeks to maintain its evangelical mission while widening its scope and impact.
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  • Knox County Opioid prescription rate
    The Opioid Effect
    A University of Tennessee study is the first to quantify the workforce impact of the prescription drug epidemic.
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  • Tyvi Small and UT torchbearer
    The Equalizer
    Tyvi Small, UT Knoxville’s new vice chancellor for diversity and engagement wants to help students feel welcome, whoever they are.
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  • State of the Union
    10 years in the making, the University of Tennessee’s new Student Union building is big, bright and very orange.
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  • The Year Ahead: Active Academics
    Both Knox County Schools and the University of Tennessee will make major decisions about the future in 2019.
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