Faith and the World

Tommy Smith, president of Johnson University

Faith and the World

In its 126th year, Johnson University seeks to maintain its evangelical mission while widening its scope and impact.

by jesse fox mayshark • february 6, 2019

johnson university president tommy smith, with the french broad river behind him.

The university campus spreads languidly along a bend in the river, its older, historic buildings sitting alongside modern facades erected in recent decades to meet the needs of a 21st century student body. New construction continues apace to provide updated athletic and recreational facilities.
From a Knoxville preacher's dream, a school that now reaches to Florida and China.
And in his book-lined office at the heart of campus, the university’s new president has a simple wish.
“We’re tired of being the best-kept secret in Knox County,” Tommy Smith says.
Because this university i...

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