The Opioid Effect

Knox County Opioid prescription rate

The Opioid Effect

A University of Tennessee study is the first to quantify the workforce impact of the prescription drug epidemic.

by jesse fox mayshark • february 4, 2019

Opioid prescription rates by county. (source: centers for disease control and preventtion.  

A 10 percent reduction in opioid usage in Tennessee could boost cumulative incomes in the state by $800 million, according to a new study from University of Tennessee researchers.
Knox County launches a new portal to track and fight substance misuse.
The study found a direct correlation between higher rates of opioid prescription in a given area and decreasing participation in the workforce. Loss of economic productivity has long been included on the list of impacts of the opioid epidemic, but the UT paper is the first to establish a statistical effect.
“The effec...

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