Council Dives into Recode

Recode Knoxville map

Council Dives into Recode

City Council members discussed possible zoning changes for commercial, office and industrial property during a marathon workshop on Thursday.

by scott barker • February 9, 2019


City Council members on Thursday tried to figure out the best way to notify Knoxville property owners of the sweeping changes they are considering to the city’s zoning code.
City Council mulls notifying every city property onwer by mail before voting on the proposed zoning code.
In addition to a lengthy discussion about public notice, Council members also dove into the minutia of Recode Knoxville, as the effort to rewrite the entire zoning code for the first time in more than half a century is called.
After a 3 ½-hour workshop, two areas of consensus emerged: Property owners need direct notification of the Recode effort and Counci...

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