Case Dismissed

City County Building

Case Dismissed

A hearing Monday makes it official -- the county’s pension lawsuit is done.What happens next?

by jesse fox mayshark • November 6, 2018

A year of arguments, filings, motions and countermotions ended with a whimper Monday morning when Chancellor John Weaver accepted the dismissal of a lawsuit against the Knox County Retirement & Pension Board.
With litigation dropped, the county pension board adds some clarity to its plan.
The “nonsuit” motion was filed by the Knox County Law Department, the same office that brought the suit in the first place. But a ruling by Weaver on Friday said Law Director Bud Armstrong had no authority to continue the litigation in the face of opposition from County Commission and county Mayor Glenn Jacobs, leaving Armstrong with no option but to withdraw it.
Weaver emphasized Monday that his ruling was l...

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