The Price of Access

ADA symbol Knox County

Knox County has identified $73 million in improvements needed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It has a 40-year plan to address them.

Heavy Traffic

A change in state law means overweight trucks are paying less in fines — with the money coming straight from local coffers.

Business Adventure Delayed

Tom Boyd puts his quest for a fantasy-inspired resort in South Knox County on hold so he can build community support.

What’s the Plan?

Hardin Valley planning meeting

Knox County is preparing to embark on its most ambitious planning update in a generation. On the table: growth, density, infrastructure and rural preservation.

Priority Care

AMR ambulance

To get more wheels on the road, Knox County allows its ambulance contractor to answer less urgent calls with basic-level service.

‘A Path for the Future’

Larsen Jay with his dog on Northshore Drive

Knox County studies greenway corridors that could create an alternative transportation network. Meanwhile, a commissioner proposes one missing link.

Plan Obsolescence

Growth Policy Plan

Knox County Commission wants out of its state-mandated growth plan. But what would come next?

Precinct Profile: Knox County #11

6th Avenue Deli in Knox County's 11th Precinct

The historic neighborhoods of Fourth and Gill and Old North Knoxville have seen a lot of turnover but remain strongly Democratic.

Bringing Beauford Delaney Home

Delaney House

With $25,000 in county funding, a plan to create a museum for Knoxville’s most lauded and haunted visual artist moves forward.