Circuit Court Shortfall

City County Building main floor

A sharp decline in legal filings, and the fees that go along with them, prompts a request for a $1.5 million loan from the Knox County budget.

Charting a Course

Gerald Green

On his way out, Knox County’s planning director urges a more comprehensive look at the needs of the future.

The Reopening Dance

Mayors press conference

Awaiting guidance from the governor, the mayors of Knoxville, Knox County and its neighbors prepare for a still-undefined return to business.

Guessing Game

Glenn Jacobs budget presentation

The pandemic response shut down the economy just as local governments were making budget plans for next year. That has left them scrambling.

Water Fight

Northshore Drive flooded

Knox County moves to address persistent flooding around Cedar Bluff and three other trouble spots.

Capitol Exodus

Senate Education Committee on March 16, 2020

As the state Legislature barrelled toward a budget vote and recess last week, local lawmakers saw things to applaud and lament.

Closing the Doors

Knox County Public Library

Knox County plans to shutter its libraries tomorrow, after rising concerns from employees.

Pandemic Preparations

Indya Kincannon

With Knox County’s COVID-19 count still at one, Knoxville declares an emergency, Knox County Schools close through April 3 and UT moves the rest of its semester online.