‘A Week of Anguish’

Demonstrators are arrested as protests of Anthony Thompson Jr.’s death intensify and calls for releasing police videos of the shooting grow louder.

Opposing Lineups

A special sales-tax district could help pay for a new baseball stadium, but at least one City Council member doesn’t want to play ball.

Vaccination Eligibility Expanded

Educators and people 65 and older will be able to receive COVID-19 vaccines as early as next week under new guidance from state health officials.

Baseball and Benefits

Proposed stadium site

Potential community improvements will play a role in determining whether the city and county build a ballpark for the Smokies.

Ballpark Financing

City Council and County Commission get a first look at possible funding sources for a minor-league baseball stadium.

Batting Practice

County Commissioners and City Council members will discuss Randy Boyd’s proposed baseball stadium in a joint workshop.

A 90-Day Reprieve

Commission 1-25-21

Knox County Commission postpones action on dissolving the Board of Health — but makes clear that it still intends to.