The Price of Access

ADA symbol Knox County

Knox County has identified $73 million in improvements needed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It has a 40-year plan to address them.

Business Adventure Delayed

Tom Boyd puts his quest for a fantasy-inspired resort in South Knox County on hold so he can build community support.

What’s the Plan?

Hardin Valley planning meeting

Knox County is preparing to embark on its most ambitious planning update in a generation. On the table: growth, density, infrastructure and rural preservation.

Bringing Beauford Delaney Home

Delaney House

With $25,000 in county funding, a plan to create a museum for Knoxville’s most lauded and haunted visual artist moves forward.

Shaping the Legislative Landscape

Legislative Breakfast 1-4-18

Knox County’s state lawmakers return to Nashville this week with a passel of wish lists from the school board and County Commission.

Basic Facts

Joint Education Committee

A crash course in the state’s formula for school funding highlights challenges for Knox County.

Setting the Agenda

Knox County planning map

With an eye on increased development outside the city limits, County Commission considers whether to restructure the planning commission.