Comfortable With the Cuts

Knox County Commission

Knox County Commission appears amenable to a 30 percent reduction in the county’s indigent care program.

The Deepest Cut

Providers say a proposed reduction in the Health Department’s indigent care program will hurt their efforts to serve the poorest residents of Knox County.

No Resolution

Knox County Commission declines to act on a proposal to remove one of its members from the Joint Education Committee.

Commission Conflict

Legal questions and angry words mark an effort to remove Commissioner Evelyn Gill from Knox County’s Joint Education Committee.

Crunch Time

Mayor Madeline Rogero at the State of the City address in April 2018

The city, county and school administrations will present budget proposals in the next few weeks. Here’s a look at the timelines and the issues to watch.

Vision Quest

Crowded schools and jails, inadequate roads and sidewalks. Lamenting a lack of planning and priorities, Knox County Commissioners plan to set some.

Next Steps

Knox County planning map

As Mayor Glenn Jacobs convenes a planning committee that hasn’t met in nearly two decades, Knox County starts to think about the future.

Smoke Signals

A report calls for a tax-funded Knox County fire department. County officials want to explore their options.

Exit Kane

Roger Kane at County Commission

After less than six months on the job, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs’ education liaison resigns.