Budget Battle

County Mayor Glenn Jacobs speaking in the Main Assembly Room about his proposed budget.

Mayor Glenn Jacobs unveils Knox County’s first $1 billion spending plan — but Sheriff Tom Spangler says it doesn’t do enough for his officers.

‘Rowing in the Same Direction’

Mayor Indya Kincannon

The new city-county Office of Housing Stability and a summit requested by Justice Knox promise to place a stronger focus on affordable housing and homelessness.

Pleading a Case

Sheriff Tom Spangler

As Sheriff Tom Spangler seeks a 30 percent raise for deputies and corrections officers, the possibility of a legal showdown looms.

Three Years of COVID

COVID-19 Collage

Though life has returned to normal in many ways, the pandemic hasn’t disappeared and the potential for a resurgence exists.

Stadium Cost Finalized

Stadium site photo.

The tab has risen to $114 million, but Boyd’s extended commitment means no additional public funds would go toward construction.

Help From the Bench

A judge's gavel on top of a desk next to a pile of papers.

A new mental health court would provide long-term treatment options for defendants with psychological struggles.

Academic Avenues

Central High School student Justus Hayes speaks Thursday while Superintendent Jon Rysewyk and County Mayor Glenn Jacobs look on.

With the launch of its first eight 865 Academies, Knox County aims to bridge the school-to-work gap.