Film Celebrates Suttree’s Knoxville

Film Celebrates Suttree's Knoxville

The Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound, UT and German composers collaborate to evoke the city of Cormac McCarthy's gritty novel.

by scott barker • November 2, 2018

An unidentified man stands outside the Market House in Knoxville's Market Square in 1937. (Credit: Annemarie Schwarzenbach/Swiss Literary Archive, Berne, Switzerland. Courtesy of the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound.)

This city constructed on no known paradigm, a mongrel architecture reading back through the works of man in a brief delineation of the aberrant disordered and mad. A carnival of shapes upreared on the river plain that has dried up the sap of the earth for miles around.
-- Cormac McCarthy, Suttree
In the early 1990s, a 30-something German composer and musician staying at a campsite in the Tuscany region o...

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