Controlling the Programs

Sex Week home page

Sex Week’s organizers say the event will go forward even as a new campus system for student events aims to isolate it.

Ivory Tower Toil

University classroom

UT’s full-time lecturers teach twice as many classes as tenured faculty, for less money and little job security. They are trying to change that.

Estate Sale

Eugenia Williams estate

The University of Tennessee proposes to sell the historic Eugenia Williams house and property to the nonprofit Aslan Foundation.

Lab Work

The UT Torchbearer

University of Tennessee research spending rose to $435.2 million statewide last year, but the flagship Knoxville campus remains far from its top 25 goal.

Assessing the Profs

UT Trustees

The UT Board of Trustees revisits an old question: how to measure faculty work and effectiveness. It turns out it’s not easy.

Anticipating Catastrophe

Soldiers with flu, 1918

A UT researcher finds that many nurses say they are unprepared for long-term disasters, and nursing colleges aren’t emphasizing it.

Taking the Reins

UT Chancellor Donde Plowman

Newly arrived UT Knoxville Chancellor Donde Plowman finds a warm welcome and a long to-do list.