Heavy Traffic

A change in state law means overweight trucks are paying less in fines — with the money coming straight from local coffers.

Density and Development

Realtors and home builders share their requests and concerns with state lawmakers for this year’s legislative session.

Plan Obsolescence

Growth Policy Plan

Knox County Commission wants out of its state-mandated growth plan. But what would come next?

The Equalizer

Tyvi Small and UT torchbearer

Tyvi Small, UT Knoxville’s new vice chancellor for diversity and engagement wants to help students feel welcome, whoever they are.

Shaping the Legislative Landscape

Legislative Breakfast 1-4-18

Knox County’s state lawmakers return to Nashville this week with a passel of wish lists from the school board and County Commission.

Gaming Plan

sports betting graphic

After a Supreme Court decision paves the way, the Tennessee Legislature looks at legalizing sports gambling. The choice may come down to local voters.

Setting the Agenda

Knox County planning map

With an eye on increased development outside the city limits, County Commission considers whether to restructure the planning commission.

Return to Sender

Register of Deeds Nick McBride

In a pinch, the state confiscated fees from county registers of deeds. County Commission wants the money back.