Obscene or Heard?

A drag queen in a white wig singing on stage

With new restrictions on drag shows taking effect next month, the impact of the law on performers and venues remains unclear.

Money Hunt

John Schoonmaker, Sam McKenzie, Terry Hill

Most of Knox County’s requests to the Legislature this year revolve around increased state funding.

Stuck at 3rd?

School desks

Only about 40 percent of Knox County 3rd graders typically read at grade level. A new state law could hold the rest of them back.

Drawing the Line

As late-arriving Census data narrows the redistricting window, citizen groups hope for public input and transparency. History does not give reason to expect much of either.

Paid Volunteers

Neyland Stadium

A bill to let student-athletes earn money heads to the governor’s desk.

TennCare Tension

Medicaid illustration

The Biden administration is dangling huge incentives for the last 12 states to expand Medicaid. Will Tennessee bite?

Guns to Go

Gun show

As Knoxville struggles with its worst gun violence in years, the state Legislature presses ahead with its permitless carry bill.