Forrest Bumped

Capitol Commission

The State Capitol Commission votes to remove a Confederate general’s bust, with prominent Knoxville names — living and dead — factoring into the decision.

Bill Collecting

Tennessee State Capitol Building

From marijuana to motorized wheelchairs, Knox County’s state lawmakers have introduced a raft of legislation for the General Assembly’s 2020 session.

Controlling the Programs

Sex Week home page

Sex Week’s organizers say the event will go forward even as a new campus system for student events aims to isolate it.

Altered Landscape

School board lobbyists

The Knox County school board’s lobbyists say the change in leadership in the state House of Representatives means less support for vouchers.

Back to Basics

Penny Schwinn and Rick Staples

The state’s new education commissioner says she wants to refocus on providing materials and resources for Tennessee teachers.

Speaking Up

Abortion rights news conference

Knoxville abortion rights supporters amplify voices they say are missing from the state’s debate.

The Prosperity Agenda

Americans for Prosperity meeting

Americans for Prosperity, the dark-money goliath of libertarian conservatism, likes the way Tennessee is headed.