Choice Words

House Education Committee

Socialists and satanists are invoked as the House Education Committee approves Gov. Bill Lee’s voucher plan on a split vote.

Voucher Momentum

Rep. Bill Dunn

Knoxville’s Bill Dunn shepherds Gov. Bill Lee’s Education Savings Accounts bill over its first legislative hurdle.

School Choice Chronicles

Classroom chairs

The Legislature gears up for Gov. Bill Lee’s proposals to broaden charter authorization and school vouchers.

PARC Could Keep Its Teeth

The Senate Judiciary Committee agreed to a compromise that allows police oversight committees to go through the courts to use subpoena powers.

Rethinking Rural Healthcare

A UT healthcare policy expert says expanding Medicaid is needed but wouldn’t be enough on its own to prevent rural hospital closures.

Taking Control

John Compton and Randy Boyd

The UT Board of Trustees approves a plan to change how student activity fees are distributed, potentially shutting down funding to Sex Week.

SEAT Speaks

Sex Week volunteers at UTK.

Replying to a state report, the University of Tennessee students who organize Sex Week reply say they deserve more respect.

Carnal Knowledge

Sex Week home page

In response to a comptroller’s report, the University of Tennessee abolishes a committee that has directed money to the controversial Sex Week.

A Veto in Every Pot

Recode Knoxville map

Proposed legislation would require consent from every property owner for zoning plans throughout Tennessee.

Preemption for Breakfast

Knoxville officials share concerns with legislators about bills they fear will take away their independence to find local solutions to local problems.