‘More People Are Dying’

Graph of drug-related deaths

Drug-related deaths in Knox and Anderson counties rose by 41 percent last year, from already record levels. A Forensic Center report details the toll.

A New Mandate

Darris Upton

Darris Upton is feeling his way into his job as Knox County’s first-ever diversity development manager. “This is a brand-new effort,” he says.

Jacobs’ Ladder

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs

From college athlete with a blown-out knee to wrestling superstar to chief executive of Knox County government, Glenn Jacobs has always believed in himself.

Black Wednesday: The Compass Primer

Black Wednesday Main Assembly Room

The Black Wednesday scandal still reverberates through Knox County political culture, even though most of those involved are no longer in office.

Knox 2018: Knox County

Glenn Jacobs' swearing-in.

In Knox County politics, the stage was set for this year to be mostly an encore performance, with lots of familiar faces in slightly different roles.