The Bully Pulpit

Glenn Jacobs

The Bully Pulpit

Three months in, Glenn Jacobs is finding his feet -- and his voice -- as chief executive of Knox County.

by jesse fox mayshark • december 26, 2018

Knox county mayor glenn jacobs, right, meets with constituents at the carter library branch on Dec. 11, 2018.

This story is a part of a series looking back at 2018. See also:2018 Revue: A Changing of the County Guard

The public meeting space at the Carter branch of the Knox County Public Library is small, maybe 20-by-20-feet square, with fluorescent overhead lighting and a few scuffed-up folding tables. It is, as it happens, about the same size as a pro wrestling ring. But the role that County Mayor Glenn Jacobs is here to play tonight is different in most ways from the one where he wears a mask.
A newcomer begins to get comfortable with the strengths...

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