Mapping the Votes

Knox County voting precincts

Where did Marsha Blackburn fare best? Who tipped the balance for Martin Daniel? A quick sift through the Knox County precinct results of Tuesday’s election.

Knox County’s Red Wall

GOP election party

Local Republicans had a lot to be happy about Tuesday night, while Democrats look to take momentum into 2020.

Election Day Arrives

Heavy early voting in Knox County and across Tennessee makes election predictions a precarious proposition.

A Tale of Two Bredesens

blackburn bredesen debate

The final Senate debate revolves around whether the former governor is partisan or pragmatic.

Debate Day Is Here

blackburn bredesen

Bredesen and Blackburn square off at UT’s Baker Center (with Taylor Swift riding shotgun)

On the Run

District maps illustration

From Marsha and Phil to the stay-at-home dad vs. the stay-at-home mom, an overview of the federal and state election campaigns winding their way through Knox County.

Knox 2018: Federal, state elections loom

Downtown Knoxville

Tennesseans get to elect only three offices statewide — governor and the state’s two U.S. Senate slots. This year, two of the three are up for grabs with no incumbent in the mix.