City Election 2021: Complete Coverage

City Election 2021: Complete Coverage

Links to all of our articles on the 2021 Knoxville city election.

October 30, 2021


This year's Knoxville city election has generated a tremendous amount of interest and prompted a strong turnout during early voting. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2, when polls will be open at precincts across the city from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We have provided links to all our election articles, which are now free for anyone to read or share.

All registered city voters can vote for all five City Council seats on the ballot.

Ongoing Coverage

"Partisan Knives Sharpen: Misinformation becomes a weapon as early voting ends and a bruising city election enters its final days," Oct. 28.

"Donors and Dollars: The money has been rolling into this year’s city election, though the distribution among candidates has varied wildly," Oct. 25.

"Dueling Endorsements: Knoxville’s uniformed employees have aligned themselves on opposite sides in this year’s City Council races," Oct. 14.

"Election Issues: Land Use: As early voting begins, City Council candidates discuss their approaches to rezoning decisions and redevelopment priorities," Oct. 13.

"Politics at an Exhibition: For the first time, all 10 Council candidates in the general election share a stage to answer questions about the future of the city," Oct. 7.

"Election Issues: Public Safety: City Council candidates weigh in on KPD funding and staffing, as well as violence intervention programs," Oct. 1.

"A Partisan Flavor: In Knoxville's officially nonpartisan election, GOP-backed Council candidates are running as a unified slate in hopes of unseating the incumbents in the Democratic-leaning city," Sept. 3.

"A Primary Sweep: Council incumbents flexed their muscles on Tuesday, but a strong showing by GOP-backed candidates ensures a partisan-tinged campaign in a nonpartisan election," Sept. 1.

"Setting the Stage: Today’s city primary will winnow the field of City Council hopefuls in advance of the November general election," Aug. 31.

"PAC Under Scrutiny: As early voting begins in the city, complaints question the relationships among organizations run by a conservative political consultant," Aug. 17.

"A Focus on Issues Close to Home: Forums give candidates in three Council races the opportunity to reach district voters before early voting begins," Aug. 9.

"Platforms on Display: At a forum in East Knoxville, Council candidates discussed their proposals for moving the city forward. There were also some no-shows," July 30.

Candidate Profiles

"Council Contests: 1st District," July 28.

"Council Contests: 2nd District," Aug. 3.

"Council Contests: 3rd District," July 26.

"Council Contests: 4th District," Aug. 4.

"Council Contests: 6th District," July 16.