KPD’s Officer Deficit

KPD's Officer Deficit

Like other urban police departments, the Knoxville Police Department is struggling to find enough recruits to fill open positions.

by scott barker • February 11, 2019

The Knoxville Police Department is understaffed and is having difficulty filling the ranks, according to city officials.
KPD is short 36 authorized officers and only 10 recruits are in the pipeline.
Police Chief Eve Thomas said Friday the shortage hasn’t affected the department’s ability to respond to calls for service, but she has had to authorize overtime to cover shifts.
“It’s working, but it’s a concern,” Thomas said.
KPD has budget authorization for 416 officers. Only 380 of those positions are filled, however, leaving the force at 91 percent capacity. KPD has another 122 employees who are not sworn officers. It is the largest city department and...

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