Stats on Shootings

As part of a report on gun violence, KPD told Council last week that shootings are on the rise in Knoxville but a majority of cases get solved.

How the Force Uses Force

Police cruiser with lights on

KPD briefs City Council on how its officers deploy physical response and the oversight in place to keep them from crossing the line.

Cops and Cultural Competence

KPD leaders outline how they train officers to interact with the diverse communities they encounter on the job.

The Matter of a Mural

Activists began painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street in front of Austin-East High School without waiting to get a permit.

Ransomware Attack Goes Public

Hackers posted city employee information online in an attempt to intimidate the Kincannon administration into paying a ransom for stolen data.

Police and Policing the Police

Amid tensions over law enforcement, the city’s Police Advisory & Review Committee discusses changes already made and proposals for reform.

‘A Good First Step’

Revisions to KPD’s use-of-force policy are a prelude to a broader conversation about the approach to public safety in Knoxville.

Reform Recommendations

After a series of protests, Knox County Democrats have presented a list of criminal justice policy changes to city officials.