Decoding Belk’s Departure

Brooklyn Sawyers Belk Photo

An anonymous, hate-filled email is at the center of speculation about the resignation of the Knoxville Police Department’s highest ranking Black employee.

Belk Resigns After Brief Tenure

Brooklyn Sawyers Belk and Chief Paul Noel photo.

KPD says its first deputy chief of professional standards intended to stay only a short time, though the plan wasn’t publicly disclosed.

Internal Affairs Overhaul

Police Chief Paul Noel Photo

Chief Noel says most employees have embraced one of his most notable changes, despite a public statement of discontent by a former officer.

Council Approves Budget

Members and supporters of Knoxville HEART

Members delay consideration of a proposal to create a task force to develop an alternative response program.

PARC Changes Deemed Minimal

Police Advisory & Review Committee members

Officials say a new state law governing police oversight boards won’t have a practical effect on Knoxville’s panel, despite the removal of investigative powers.

The Lazarus Drug

Drugs and Paraphernalia

A new report from the Health Department details the increased use of naloxone to reverse overdoses and provide second chances.

KPD Disciplines Three

KPD officers during confrontation with Lisa Edwards.

An unvarnished Internal Affairs report leads to a demotion and two suspensions for officers involved in the in-custody death of Lisa Edwards.

‘No-Frills Budget’

Mayor Indya Kincannon at the City Council budget hearing.

During a marathon hearing on Tuesday, City Council members dove into Mayor Indya Kincannon’s proposed $432.9 million spending plan.

Kincannon Releases Applicant List

Chief Paul Noel and Mayor Indya Kincannon

The city provided information on the candidates for last year’s police chief search and asked a judge to dismiss the News Sentinel’s Public Records Act lawsuit.