The Matter of a Mural

Activists began painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street in front of Austin-East High School without waiting to get a permit.

Ransomware Attack Goes Public

Hackers posted city employee information online in an attempt to intimidate the Kincannon administration into paying a ransom for stolen data.

Police and Policing the Police

Amid tensions over law enforcement, the city’s Police Advisory & Review Committee discusses changes already made and proposals for reform.

‘A Good First Step’

Revisions to KPD’s use-of-force policy are a prelude to a broader conversation about the approach to public safety in Knoxville.

Reform Recommendations

After a series of protests, Knox County Democrats have presented a list of criminal justice policy changes to city officials.

Force by the Force

Police cruiser with lights on

Kincannon and Thomas pledge to review KPD’s use-of-force policy to ensure equity during enforcement.

Camp Concerns

A City Council member alleges Knoxville police and other employees are violating city policy by harassing people living in a homeless enclave.

Discipline From the Top Down

From the chief to a patrol officer, KPD’s internal probe of a sexually explicit demonstration at a roll call uncovers police policy violations.

Monitoring the Force

Police cruiser with lights on

The Police Advisory & Review Committee reports that citizen complaints about KPD often focus on officer behavior.