Relationships of Mutual Respect

Brooklyn Sawyers Belk Photo

A month into the job, KPD’s new chief of cultural change wants to break down barriers and build bridges inside and outside the department.

Video Crime Fighting

Police Chief Paul Noel Photo

City Council OKs the construction of a Real Time Information Center for KPD in the Public Safety Complex.

Standards Bearer

Brooklyn Sawyers Belk and Chief Paul Noel photo.

Police Chief Paul Noel hires a law professor and former federal prosecutor to promote accountability and help shape the department’s culture.

KPD Seeks Accountability Director

KPD Chief Paul Noel

Chief Paul Noel is asking City Council to create an executive-level position to oversee cultural change within the police department.

City Homicides Down in 2022

Police cruiser with lights on

KPD investigated fewer murders last year, though officials say more needs to be done to lower the level of violence in Knoxville.

Looking Ahead: City of Knoxville 2023

Stadium site prep

Municipal elections will attract much of the public attention this year, while stadium construction should begin and the Public Safety Complex will open.

Formalizing Oversight

Paul Noel and Tiffany Davidson

KPD and PARC reach an agreement that allows greater access to information for the city’s law enforcement advisory board.

Funding for Violence Intervention

Police Chief Paul Noel

With homicides still above pre-pandemic levels, KPD gets the green light to apply for a $2 million state grant to help prevent gun violence.

Neyland Beer Sales at Risk

Neyland Stadium Beer Stand

The city is seeking a suspension of Aramark’s beer permit based on recurring citations for underage sales.