Precinct Profile: Knox County #36

Fountain City Lake

Precinct Profile: Knox County #36

At the northern end of Fountain City, a densely populated and politically divided district.

by jesse fox mayshark • January 10, 2019

fountain city lake marks the boundary of the 36th voting precinct.

The neighborhoods that make up Knox County’s 36th voting precinct, from the Fountain City Lake north to Rifle Range Road (and mostly east of Broadway) are a diverse collection of single-family residences and aging apartment complexes.
A precinct that voted for Donald Trump, Phil Bredesen and Karl Dean.
Fountain City, which began life as Fountain Head in the early 1800 and eventually became a Victorian-era spa town, already had more than 30,000 residents when the City of Knoxville annexed it in 1962.
The 36th Precinct includes most of what remains from Fountain City’s resort heyday: the hear...

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