Party Time?


As the Legislature opens the door for partisan school board elections, Knox County officials are unsure of the implications.

Punch and Counterpunch

The only challenger who showed up at Tuesday’s City Council candidate forum sparred with all the incumbents.

Council Contests: 3rd District

A progressive incumbent and a conservative challenger are squaring off in the 3rd District primary. Both will move on to the general election.

Council Contests: 6th District

Three candidates, each staking a claim to different sections of the political spectrum, are vying to represent the city’s most diverse district.

Statutes and Limitations

Legal questions about the city’s obligation to pay its debts surround an effort to cap Knoxville’s property tax rate.

Redrawing the Map

Comptroller website

With Census data on the way, County Commission lays out a schedule for its once-a-decade challenge: creating nine equal districts.

‘We’re in an Emergency’

Jan. 6 Capitol crowd

More than 170 political science scholars penned an open letter raising alarms about threats to American democracy. We talked to one of them.