Selling the Deal

With a vote scheduled for later in the month, the Jacobs administration makes a concerted pitch for leasing the TVA East Tower.

Legal Challenge

TVA East Tower

Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong says the county’s TVA tower deal could violate state and federal law. What does he mean, exactly?

Reading, Writing and Religion

Debating whether to excuse students for religious instruction, the school board hears from pastors, parents, Satanists and teachers.

Decision Time on TVA Deal

Mike Dooley and Chris Caldwell in East Tower.

Documents lay out proposed agreements between Knox County, the Tennessee Valley Authority and Knox County Schools for taking over the East Tower.

Bible Battle

Church at Sterchi Hills

A divided Knox County school board puts a proposed policy for outside religious instruction on its December agenda.

Vaping in the Boys’ Room

And the girls’ room. And the classroom. The Knox County school board confronts e-cigarettes with a new proposed policy.