No ‘Quick Fix’

Superintendent Jon Rysewyk at a lectern in front of Copper Ridge Elementary School

With Knox County Schools scoring in the state’s lowest category this year, Superintendent Jon Rysewyk promises hard work and community engagement.

‘Recruit, Respect, Retain’

Jill Biden

First Lady Jill Biden visits Knox County Schools to tout Tennessee’s ‘Grow Your Own’ approach to teacher preparation.

Cataloging the Classroom

Two photos showing full bookshelves on the left and the same shelves empty on the right.

Knox County Schools aims to comply with a state requirement for online lists of materials by next spring.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

A stuffed monkey on a shelf in the Lonsdale Elementary media center

Knox County Schools is taking a simple approach to COVID-19 for the start of the new school year: Do nothing.

‘I Love Solving Problems’

Jon Rysewyk at UT Tower

Jon Rysewyk takes over as superintendent of Knox County Schools tomorrow. A few consistent themes in his career suggest how he’ll approach the job.

Higher Ed Pipeline Slows

The proportion of Tennessee high school graduates going directly to college is dropping. Education leaders are looking to reverse the trend.

Equity Quest

Nathan Langlois, Knox County Schools.

After eight years, Knox County Schools struggles to narrow racial and economic disparities.

Rysewyk Gets Faster Start

Jon Rysewyk and Renee Kelly

The school board approves a $240,000-a-year contract for its new superintendent, with a possible bonus and an accelerated timeline.

The Mask Effect, Part II

School mask sign

Since a school mask mandate was put in place, Knox County has dropped from the highest rate of school-age COVID among Tennessee’s metro counties to the lowest.