The Mask Effect

COVID cases graph

Since the start of the school year, Knox County has reported far more COVID-19 cases per capita than Tennessee’s other three large counties.

One More Delay for A.J. Deal

Jacobs on the A.J. Building roof

As school officials begin their move to TVA’s East Tower, the county extends its hold on the Andrew Johnson Building for six months.

Evolving Data

According to the Health Department’s top epidemiologist, compiling COVID-19 case counts is not as simple as it sounds.

Data Process

Graph from KCS PASS

With juvenile COVID-19 cases still rising, Knox County Schools’ dashboard struggles to keep pace.

School Mask Mandate Fails Again

Kelli Wolfe addresses school board

The Board of Education takes a few steps to mitigate the impact of surging COVID-19 cases, but leaves face coverings optional.

Schools Bring Back COVID Dashboard

School mask sign

Knox County officials also say they are cooperating with the Health Department on contact tracing. But some parents and board members want more.

Strategies for a Windfall

Penny Schwinn and Bob Thomas

With an unprecedented $114 million in one-time federal funding at hand, Knox County Schools looks to invest in tutors, teachers and training.

Ready or Not


Despite public health recommendations and the concerns of some parents, Knox County Schools prepares for an unmasked reopening.