A Budget Bounce

School budget chart

After tightening its belt this year, Knox County Schools is expecting a big revenue increase for 2021-22. What will it pay for?

Multiple Traumas

Evetty Satterfield and Jennifer Owen

While planning for emergence from the pandemic, the school board confronts the aftermath of another student’s violent death.

Safety and Succor

The day after a fatal shootout at Austin-East, school officials and city residents confront questions of physical security and spiritual anguish.

Virtual Limits

Gov. Bill Lee

As the state imposes restrictions on remote instruction, Knox County plans to open three new online schools this fall.

Schools Unmasked?

Bob Thomas and Betsy Henderson

The school board tries to look toward the fall, but gets mired in lingering pandemic politics.

Funding Gaps

Classroom chairs

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School Board Mulls Masks

Susan Horn and Virginia Babb

As some parents ask for an end to face coverings for students, most board members are wary of making changes.

Room for Recovery

Jason Myers, Knox County Schools

A new Knox County high school program will provide a combination of treatment and academics for students struggling with drugs and alcohol.

Righting the Reading

Knox County reading standards

Why new state literacy standards won’t have much impact on local classrooms — and ‘proficiency’ doesn’t mean what it sounds like.

Planting Seeds

Ronni Chandler addresses the school board

20 years on, Project GRAD continues to look for new ways to open opportunities to Knox County’s most challenged students.