Precinct Profile: Knox County #90

The Howard Pinkston branch of the Knox County Public Library.

Precinct Profile: Knox County #90

At the county’s southern edge, a hilly district of winding roads and reliable Republicans.

by jesse fox mayshark • november 1, 2018

the 90th precinct is home to the howard pinkston branch of the Knox county public libary, named after the area's longtime former county commissioner.

Most of the 90th voting precinct in Knox County lies between Gov. John Sevier Highway and the Blount County line, at the county’s south-central tip.
Nestled mostly between John Sevier Highway and the Blount County line.
Martin Mill Pike and Neubert Springs Road snake through the heart of the district from north to south, and the scattered gas stations and small businesses along John Sevier are the only real commercial activity.
Older rural homes coexist with new suburban subdivisions, and the precinct is home to Bonny...

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