Attorney-Client Scrimmage

Lawyer Herb Moncier addresses Chancellor John Weaver.

Attorney-Client Scrimmage

A hearing in the county’s Byzantine pension lawsuit asks whether the law director can sue on his own behalf.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 30, 2018

lawyer herb moncier addresses chancellor john weaver during Monday's hearing.

Who has the authority to speak -- and, more specifically, to sue -- on behalf of Knox County?
The structure of county government is at the heart of the debate.
That is the question left for Chancellor John Weaver after a three and a half hour hearing Monday in the lawsuit filed by Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong against the county’s Retirement and Pension Board. Weaver said he will rule within a week.
In the balance is not only the lawsuit, which disputes the formula the board uses to calculate pensions under the Uniformed Officers Pension Plan, but larger questions...

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