Commission Sides With Mayor

County Mayor Glenn Jacobs with lawyer John Valliant.

Commission Sides With Mayor

In a 7-1 vote, County Commission tells Law Director Bud Armstrong to drop his pension lawsuits -- but the final word will be up to the judge.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 26, 2018

County Mayor glenn jacobs with lawyer john valliant in the front row at county commission on thursday.

The outcome of Thursday’s specially called meeting of Knox County Commission was no surprise. As expected, a majority of commissioners voted in favor of a resolution proposed by county Mayor Glenn Jacobs directing Law Director Bud Armstrong to dismiss six lawsuits he brought against the county’s pension board and individual Sheriff’s Office retirees.
A show of support for the executive from the legislative branch.The 7-1 vote was not the final word on the issue. It was one more chapter in a long story that will be resolved i...

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