Precinct Profile: Knox County #43

Precinct Profile: Knox County #43

West Haven leans slightly Republican, but its voters can display an independent streak.

by scott barker • October 25, 2018

Voters in Precinct 43 cast their ballots at West Haven Elementary School.

The West Haven precinct -- Precinct 43 to the Knox County Election Commission -- straddles Western Avenue just northwest of Interstate 640, though it dips a toe south of the freeway.
Bustling Western Avenue splits the suburban West Haven precinct.
The northeastern part of the precinct, which extends to Pleasant Ridge Road, is a solidly middle-class neighborhood of low-slung ranch houses, a few of which already boast Halloween decorations. Across Western Avenue to the southwest, the land is more hilly and wooded, the roads curvier.
Western Avenue northwest of I-640 is a bustling commercial district, with fast fo...

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