Precinct Profile: Knox County #51

Rocky Hill Center

Precinct Profile: Knox County #51

From Nubbin Ridge to Rocky Hill, a district of single-family subdivisionsand middle-class Republicans.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 18, 2018

local grocer butler & bailey is a fixture of the west knoxville 51st precinct.

The neighborhoods that roll down the hill on either side of Nubbin Ridge in West Knoxville are quiet and circuitous, with winding streets and cul-de-sacs bearing names like Misty Meadow Place, Shadyland Drive and Robin Hood Rood.
A quiet place five minutes from the Interstate and West Town, except at rush hour.
Almost entirely residential except for a commercial strip in Rocky Hill along the north side of South Northshore Drive, the 51st Precinct is about as demographically and structurally homogeneous as it gets in Knox County. Notable institutions in the area are Rocky Hill E...

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