OUT Again at UT

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OUT Again at UT

After a year of recovery from convulsions that shuttered the Pride Center,UT’s OUTstanding Conference returns this weekend.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 12, 2018

When a couple of blog posts about gender pronouns and holiday party sensitivity exploded into a legislative bonfire that led to the defunding of the Pride Center on the University of Tennessee’s Knoxville campus in 2016, Leticia Flores says it was a kick in the gut for the university’s LGBTQ community.
Broadening a conference
on LGBTQ issues to include all of Knoxville.
“When the defunding happened, when the Pride Center’s leadership was taken down, it felt to many people like a direct attack on the community,” said Flores, an associate professor of psychology at UTK who is active in LGBTQ issues on campus and through the Tennessee Equality Project. “For that year, 2...

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