Flashing Dashboard Lights

A new report shows Tennessee is often in the lower echelon when compared to other states in a variety of areas.

Issues by the Numbers

Using newly released Census data, a Sycamore Institute study focuses on income, poverty, education and health coverage in Tennessee.

Rethinking Rural Healthcare

A UT healthcare policy expert says expanding Medicaid is needed but wouldn’t be enough on its own to prevent rural hospital closures.

Burden of Proof

Total wine

A lawsuit from Tennessee wine retailers arrives at the U.S. Supreme Court today, with national implications for how spirits are bought and sold.

On the Run

District maps illustration

From Marsha and Phil to the stay-at-home dad vs. the stay-at-home mom, an overview of the federal and state election campaigns winding their way through Knox County.

Q’s for the Who’s Whos

Power Poll

The Tennessee Power Poll aims to chart elite opinion in the state’s big four cities. What’s it worth, and to whom?