Power Poll: Coronavirus Response

Local officials get a low score for preparation but higher marks for steps taken to mitigate the threat posed by the pandemic.

Power Poll: They Like Mike

He didn’t fare well in Wednesday’s debate, but Mike Bloomberg is the favorite Democratic candidate of Power Poll respondents.

Power Poll: TVA Deal Looks Good

TVA and A.J.

Our latest survey of local community leaders shows strong support for Knox County’s proposed lease of the vacant East Tower.

Power Poll: Scooter Scrums

Lime Scooters in Austin, Texas.

Respondents to this month’s statewide survey called for the regulation of electronic scooters in Tennessee cities.

Power Poll: Setting Mayoral Priorities

City County Building

Survey respondents say that of the unfinished projects the next mayor will inherit, the redevelopment of the St. Mary’s site should top the priority list.