Power Poll: The Housing Crisis

Photo of new houses under construction at the Meadows at Shannon Valley.

A majority of respondents approve of government actions such as zoning changes and incentives to address the lack of housing in the area.

Power Poll: Pride Month

Photo of LGBTQ rights march downtown in February.

Survey respondents tend to support inclusive policies for the LGBTQ community but few plan to attend any Pride events this year.

Power Poll: The Tennessee Three

Justin Jones, Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson arm-in-arm at the state Capitol on Thursday, April 6.

A majority of survey respondents said legislators shouldn’t have been expelled and that racism played a role in the votes.

Power Poll: Art Appreciation

Artist Addison Karl

Local leaders show strong support for public subsidy of arts and culture organizations in this month’s survey.

Power Poll: Legislative Skepticism

Gov. Bill Lee

From ‘choice lanes’ to HIV funding, community leaders are skeptical of many of the governor and Legislature’s initiatives. The exception: nuclear energy.

Power Poll: Big Picture Views

State Capitol, City County Building

Respondents express some optimism and some pessimism, and offer their opinions on what state and local governments should prioritize.