Whither the A.J.?

A.J. Hotel rendering

Whither the A.J.?

Another delay for a proposed $6 million purchase of the Andrew Johnson Building, as the new county mayor weighs the deal.

by jesse fox mayshark • september 17, 2018

Artist's rendering from the proposal by bna associates, which would include a hotel and 75 apartments.

It remains unclear whether a long discussed and delayed effort to return the historic Andrew Johnson Building to private ownership will come to pass.
As County Commission gathers today for its monthly work session, a resolution to accept the proposal submitted more than a year ago by Nashville developers BNA Associates is marked “Deferred” for the third month in a row. That means it won’t come to a vote until October at the earliest.
The benefit: a restored historic hotel. The cost: finding a new home for Knox County Schools.
Rob Link,...

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